As a franchise provider we are able to help you with the following

You will receive our ever-growing artificial intelligence software, that is able to find personal information on the web, in social networks, and available online databases – with a click of a button. This software is upgraded continuously, and you pay only fraction of the price, as multiple franchisees put together the budget for it.

You will receive our legal power, together with our legal procedures and best practices on how to remove any illegal / misleading / possibly misunderstood web content within the European Union and all around the globe.

You will receive our “ethical hacking” capacity, with full legal control, that makes sure you do not leave the right pass.

You will receive exclusiveness in your country. We will only sign contract with one franchise partner in every country.

  1. You will also get our best practice of how to make some data / content more difficult to find on the net, meanwhile how to make some much more visible for the advantage of your clients
  2. You will receive a ready-made web page, which is ready to go (after translation) on day one, and is able to bring you new clients, beside generate discussion about you on social platforms
  3. We will give you our procedures on how to “monopolize” the digital identity topic in your country. How to be Nr1 in the eyes of those, who are looking for your service.
  4. We will give you training, and teach you, how to build up your business, how to keep your customers happy, and how to turn them into returning clients.
  5. Beside all these we will support you with passion, dedication and energy, incomparable to formalized franchises.  After all, we are in for having a great time as well!
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