Digital Identity Agency UK is looking for motivated franchisees, who will bring our successful products and solutions to new markets within the European Union. We believe in digital technologies, are aware of the virtualization of our previously non-digital life, and know the effects of social networks.


Our solution is able to show a person or an organisation, how others perceive it through the digital information channels (let them be the internet, online databases, blogs or social networks). Moreover we are able to give back the full control over the personal data to its rightfully belonging owner: the person itself. We can monitor and control digital information (let them be text, pictures or online videos) about our clients, and manage their online profile in way agreed.

We provide solutions for those, who believe false information is circulating about them on the net. We can also help those, whose career may compromised because of old, out-dated and possibly misunderstood information, that is available on them in different digital channels. We are looking for one exclusive franchise partner per country.

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